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From Thought to Image

A book about Sandglass Theater celebrating the extraordinary work of Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass over their first 20 years in Vermont.



The Story of the Dog

The Story of the Dog
A Journey of Collaboration

In 2005 Sandglass Theater of Putney, Vermont traveled to Cambodia to work with Sovanna Phum, of Phnom Penh. This film chronicles the remarkable journey of a shared process that crosses cultures and blends artistic styles.



A Small Boat...

A Small Boat Set Out From A Rocky Shore
Songs and Tunes by Eric Bass

New songs and guitar pieces by and from co-founder, Eric Bass, with cover art by Ines Zeller Bass.



The Little Book of Sand

The Little Book of Sand

Written by Eric Bass with photos by Horst Huber and Introduction by Henry K. Jurkowski.