New Accessible Walkway at Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Theater has added a new cement walkway to improve physical accessibility at the theater’s events. While the theater has had a legally accessible grade for years, the gravel walkway has been less than adequate, especially in bad weather. The new walkway will make access easier for all events at the Putney venue.
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Sandglass Summer Intensive dates: August 14-27, 2016

Sandglass Theater is offering a two-week intensive workshop in Puppet Theater. This program is offered to puppeteers, teachers, actors, directors, designers and writers who want to expand and deepen their skill and understanding in the art of the puppet.
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Next Up at Sandglass

Sandglass Theater and Friends

Shadows Around the World
Nappy’s Puppets
JANUARY 23, 1:00PM & 3:00PM

The Great Red Ball Rescue
Faye Dupras
March 19, 1:00PM & 3:00PM

Cardboard Explosion
Brad Shur
Arpil 9, 1:00PM & 3:00PM

Natan el Sabio

Sandglass Theater is in collaboration with Teatro Luis Poma (El Salvador) to produce a provocative new piece based upon G.E. Lessing’s 18th-century play about religious and cultural intolerance. Directed by Eric Bass and Roberto Salomon; puppets and set design by Ines Zeller Bass; set paintings by Jana Zeller; music by Scott Ainslie. Natan el Sabio was performed in August 2015 in San Salvador.

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The Myths of Puppet Theater

Sandglass' Artistic Director, Eric Bass, was featured on the website HowlRound, an online center for the Theater Commons, with his latest essay.
In this piece, Bass explores some of the fundamental misconceptions about the role of the puppeteer in bringing life to a puppet.

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