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All Weather Ballads

All Weather Ballads - a puppet show by Sandglass Theater

Ice Shanty with puppeteers - Sandglass TheaterA love story that portrays the northern rural experience with dry humor, ironic poignancy, and elemental cursing. All Weather Ballads follows the lives of two Vermonters from childhood to old age.

Black Birds of Bialystok (2012)


A Collaboration Between
Bialystok Puppet Theatre and Sandglass Theater

One of the most prestigious puppet theaters in Poland, the Bialystok Puppet Theater tackles a controversial theme in contemporary Polish culture: Poland’s history of anti-Semitism, leading to the eviction of 40,000 Jews in 1968.

Between Sand and Stars (2005)


Pilot Mozart and CompanyBetween Sand and Stars is a collaboration between Sandglass Theater, Nimble Arts, and Rob Mermin of Cirkus Smirkus. Initially inspired by the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (the writer of The Little Prince and other novels) and the music of Mozart,

The Ark in the Tree (2005)

The Ark in the Tree, puppet show by Sandglass Theater

In “The Ark in the Tree,” a jolly, contented hippo lives in a bathtub perched in a tree. He fishes for things that influence his daily routine: if he hooks a cake pan, he’ll bake a cake. But on this day,

The Story of the Dog (2006)

Story of the Dog puppet collaboration with Sandglass Theater

In The Story of the Dog, a soldier leaves his wife and home and his dog to go to war. Sometime after he leaves, the wife begins to share their house with an old woman, who needs a place to live.

One Way Street (2002)

One Way Street - puppetry by Sandglass Theater

“One Way Street” deals with themes of time, memory, cultural history, and the sense of life’s mystery. Using texts from Walter Benjamin, the 1920’s & ’30’s German Jewish literary critic, Bass and members of Sandglass Theater create a world of images,

Autumn Portraits (1980)

Autumn Portraits - puppetry by Sandglass Theater

Since its creation in 1980, this celebrated solo performance has won awards in Australia, Hungary and a Citation of Excellence from the Union Internationale de la Marionette.

Autumn Portraits is a compelling evening-long solo puppet-and-mask performance, a series of five interlocking vignettes,

The Pig Act (2000)

The Pig Act - Sandglass Theater

In the moment when all is lost, when the ground is pulled out from under one’s feet, one thinks of survival. One turns to a risky act, an act which, each time it is performed, becomes more and more dangerous,

Moth and Moon (1997)

A puppet play for the whole family, “Moth and Moon” is a story of a child alone on a small world, self-sufficient but yearning for something else. It is not until the Moon sends him a friend, in the form of a Moth,

Never Been Anywhere (1997)

In “Never Been Anywhere,” Sandglass Theater adapted two stories by Vermont writer Castle Freeman Jr., which bring together two sides of Vermont life. In the first story, “That is No Country for Old Men,” two hired hands are sent into a field to bury a dead draft horse with a shovel.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle (1996)


Bertolt Brecht

Directed by

Eric Bass


Ralph Denzer

Lighting design

Vsa Ellila


Kathy Stubington


Melody Anderson

Set Painter

Molly March


Johanna Logren,

The Village Child (1992)

Village Child

The third and final piece in the Heaven Trilogy. It is a metaphysical mystery, a blend of old vaudeville and Jewish supernatural tales. It is the story of a man caught between the glare of public life and the dark world within him,

Dwarf Longnose (1991)

“Dwarf Longnose” is based on the German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. It is a literary story, not a folk tale, but, like the Sleeping Beauty of Perrault or the Little Mermaid of Andersen, it has become a respected member of the tradition to which both literary and folk fairy tales belong.

Invitations to Heaven (1990)


(Questions of a Jewish Child)

“Invitations to Heaven” is the second piece of the Heaven Trilogy: a comedy, bitter and sweet, with music, dance, and Yiddish song.

A grandson seeks to redeem the memory of his grandparents, whose unpleasant marriage left many unanswered questions about the darker side of their lives.

The Box Show (1983, Reworked 1988)


“The Box Show” is a fantasy about fantasy. A silent clown, dissatisfied with herself and her environment, is encouraged by an “outside voice” to use her imagination. She imagines a world of boxes, colorfully wrapped and inviting, but also a bit intimidating.

Sand (1985)


Sandglass Theater came together around “Sand,” the first piece of the Heaven Trilogy of pieces dealing with the weight of history on our lives. “Sand” is a dream play, in which the bringer of dreams, the proverbial Sandman, takes many faces.