New Visions Series

Sandglass Theater presents the New Visions puppetry series, serving as a laboratory for new works by artists in the field of puppetry and movement theater. New Visions presents innovative, adventurous, socially engaged pieces that cross-pollinate between genres and disciplines: from dance to puppetry, circus to storytelling. Sandglass Theater is excited to offer this forum for artists to look deeply into their emerging material and share their discoveries with our engaged, vibrant arts community.

Lively, facilitated discussions follow the presentation of each piece, bringing an additional level of engagement between artist and community. Dedicated to creating an intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, New Visions brings artists whose voices add to and challenge the cultural and artistic dialogue in our community. The performers who take part in this series are looking to gain a deeper insight into the impact of their work, and gather ideas that will push their material to a new level.

When I Put On Your Glove

Shoshana Bass

photo by Kirk Murphy

photo by Kirk Murphy


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Friday April 1, 2016 at 7:30 PM – Special Gala Event
Saturday April 2, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Sunday April 3, 2016 at 4:00 PM (previously listed as 3PM)

Join Sandglass in a process of transformation. On April 1st -3rd Shoshana Bass will be performing her first work-in-progress showing of When I Put On Your Glove, which navigates the landscape of generational, artistic inheritance through puppetry, dance and spoken word. The piece explores Shoshana’s relationship to her father’s Autumn Portraits vignettes, and investigates past and present through the memories living within the puppets. Through engaging with the puppets, the piece addresses universal questions of belonging, childhood, fear of loss, and death. This piece will be presented as part of Sandglass Theater’s New Visions Series, which serves as a laboratory for new works by artists in the field of puppetry and movement-based theater.

Eric Bass has performed Autumn Portraits since 1981. The show has traveled around the world and won awards on several continents.  It has been performed in three languages. And it has often been performed here in Putney on Thanksgiving weekend.  This performance marks the passing of these puppets into new hands. Shoshana will be performing the complete pieces in a new context. Together with director Jerry Stropnicky, she is creating a work of theater that explores what it means for her to slip into her father’s art – not just the form, but the actual pieces.  Through the lens of these pieces she is looking at her relationship with her father, at her own history, and at the act of transformation.

Shoshana Bass, performer and creator
Eric Bass, concept and creator of the original Autumn Portraits
Gerard Stropnicky, director
Ines Zeller Bass, additional design and construction
Maria Pugnetti, sound design


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 Made possible in part with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Vermont Community Foundation.

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