It is so rare anymore that I see theater that engages me, has me leaning forward, leaning into the event. Sandglass did that . . . and more. It [D-Generation] is a beautiful piece.

Scott T. Cummings, Chair Theatre Dept., Boston College

…these astonishing creatures… which are in reality our doubles, our secret brothers, sprung from a shadow within us…one learns more…than from the many laborious works on the human condition that are proposed to us by philosophers, psychoanalysts and psychologists.
—Dernieres Nouvelles D’Alsace, Strasbourg, France

…ascends the absolute heights of theater… in moving, poetic sequences presented with extraordinary depth of vision and feeling.
—Sunshine Coast Daily, Australia

Eric Bass is known all over the world today for having brought puppets out of their traditional toy closets. His shows are each time more stunning…. Like all great art, it is a constellation of humorous touches and tenderness. The magic is born of gesture, from the movement of these dolls, as if they were animated, with the real breath of life.
—Le Courrier, Geneva, Switzerland

…the artistry of Ines Zeller Bass does not rely on crude devices to make us laugh or to draw us into a mood; everything is magnificently suggested, and rapport with the children is sustained….
—La Nouvelle Republique de Pyrénées, Tarbes, France

That Bass can conjure so much history and soul out of a two-foot puppet is its own mystery…. Rivka’s wispy gray hair and Gershon’s frail chest actually seem to stir with the puppet’s every breath.
—The Village Voice, New York City, USA