Our Mission and Vision

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Sandglass is dedicated to the arts of theater and puppetry as means of exploring contemporary issues, inspiring dialogue, and sparking wonder — by creating original ensemble performances and collaborations, presenting diverse theater artists, producing events that serve our communities, and teaching our art.

Sandglass will be a bridge in our local, national, and international communities for artistic and social development. We will inspire new generations of diverse artists and audiences to further embrace puppetry and theatre as thriving art forms that seek truth and a broader perspective, generate compassion, and celebrate the human spirit.


  • We value puppetry as a unique theater form that affirms the human spirit through images, metaphors, and a sense of play.
  • We value the ensemble process, the artistic exchange of ideas, collaboration as a means of developing and sustaining our field, the responsibility of creating and teaching theater, and a respect for the culture and traditions of our art form.
  • We value and respect our audiences, and the process of engaging them in civil dialogue, shared play, and critical response. This includes physical, economic, and social accessibility to all performances and events.
  • We value justice and diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, and disability, and strongly support the safety of those fleeing violence in other countries and here in our own.