The Story of the Dog (2006)

In The Story of the Dog, a soldier leaves his wife and home and his dog to go to war. Sometime after he leaves, the wife begins to share their house with an old woman, who needs a place to live. Eventually, the lonely wife takes a lover. Frightened, she decides to leave the village and to go with her lover to a place where no one will know her. She knows that the old woman has seen her with the lover. Desperate, she burns the house to the ground. The old woman dies in the fire.

Cambodians say there are 4 types of endings: a tear drop, a drop of blood, happiness, or a question. Which will it be?

So begins the “Story of the Dog,” an exciting collaboration between Sandglass Theater and Sovanna Phum of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The subject of the piece is the effect of war on private lives. Combining performers from both companies, The story integrates Sandglass’ characteristic puppet style with traditional Cambodian shadow puppets, dance, and music.

Directed by

Mann Kosal and Eric Bass

Puppet designs by

Ines Zeller Bass

Music by

Phan Samreth, Phan Roth, Reza Jacobs

Performed by

Pich Kakada

Tin Daneth

Nou Chaylot

Chourn Sovannary

Mann Kosal

Ines Zeller Bass

Kirk Murphy

Leah Mutz



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