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Natan el Sabio


A Collaboration Between Teatro Luis Poma (El Salvador) and Sandglass Theater.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing published Nathan the Wise in 1779 as an epic poem, a play written in verse. It is a great German Enlightenment work, dealing with the interconnectedness of Christians,

Black Birds of Bialystok (2012)


A Collaboration Between
Bialystok Puppet Theatre and Sandglass Theater

One of the most prestigious puppet theaters in Poland, the Bialystok Puppet Theater tackles a controversial theme in contemporary Polish culture: Poland’s history of anti-Semitism, leading to the eviction of 40,000 Jews in 1968.

Between Sand and Stars (2005)


Pilot Mozart and CompanyBetween Sand and Stars is a collaboration between Sandglass Theater, Nimble Arts, and Rob Mermin of Cirkus Smirkus. Initially inspired by the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (the writer of The Little Prince and other novels) and the music of Mozart,

The Story of the Dog (2006)

Story of the Dog puppet collaboration with Sandglass Theater

In The Story of the Dog, a soldier leaves his wife and home and his dog to go to war. Sometime after he leaves, the wife begins to share their house with an old woman, who needs a place to live.