Sandglass and local schools


Sandglass works with local schools
to bring puppetry to all children

Read what Herve Pelletier, principal of the Putney Central School
has to say about Sandglass Theater

“My purpose in writing is to offer my support and an enthusiastic endorsement for the educational outreach programming that has become an important part of the Sandglass Theater. Thanks to Sandglass, our students have had an opportunity to share in the arts in a way that is not always possible for our teachers to replicate. Whether via a visiting artists performance, helping our art teacher with mask construction, or having our kids walk up the road for an in-house experience at the theater, the relationship with Sandglass has been uniformly positive and educational.
The level of passion and professionalism that the artists at Sandglass bring to everything they do has a ripple effect on kids: they listen, participate, and learn that the theater arts are not only entertaining, but can also be a powerful medium of communication, and one that it is accessible to all, regardless of age. My hope is that Sandglass will be able to continue supporting arts in our schools, and also hope that my “two thumbs up” endorsement might help in some small way.”

Herve Pelletier
Principal of Putney Central School
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