Sandglass Ensemble Speaks: Jana Zeller

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Puppets are an exciting means to engage children with their imaginations, encourage creative play, break down social barriers and act as an effective means of communication. Puppets open a door to discovering an interactive experience of narrative, emotion and learning.

Sandglass offers performances for children with the touring show Punschi, performed by Jana Zeller and Shoshana Bass widely through out the year and offers workshops and residencies for youth in schools and for the community.  Sandglass also produces the upcoming Winter Sunshine Series, a puppet theater event for young audiences that offers a range of live puppet theater performances by guest artists, workshops and school engagements.

Your donation today directly supports bringing puppetry to the young in our community and beyond.  Please consider making your dontation to Sandglass Theater.

Sandglass Ensemble Speaks: Jana Zeller

Sixth of a series of comments by Sandglass performers and designers

“Growing up in the Sandglass family, I have long appreciated how puppets can bring together people from different countries and cultures. As puppeteers and presenters of puppetry, we have the privilege to exist in a world without borders. This year I joined Magicians Without Borders and Our Children India for the second year in a row, bringing my puppets to India to teach and perform for children who are living in orphanages. The magic of connecting through my puppets to these beautiful children whose language I don’t speak and who smile so big even though they struggle, is life changing for me. In those moments of connection, I feel the power of art.”
Jana Zeller, Performer and family member
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