Sand (1985)

Sandglass Theater came together around “Sand,” the first piece of the Heaven Trilogy of pieces dealing with the weight of history on our lives. “Sand” is a dream play, in which the bringer of dreams, the proverbial Sandman, takes many faces. “Sand” is the very stuff that these dreams are made of: sand, like the sands of the hour glass, or the sands of Time itself. And in this dream world of sand, two lovers see their relationship and their self-images played out, and thereby altered.

Written and Designed

by Eric Bass

Directed by

Richard Edelman

Originally performed by

Eric Bass, Arne Bustorff, Ines Zeller

Later performed by

Eric Bass, Martin Bachmann, Ines Zeller Bass and Laura Fredricks

Music by

Didier Capeille

Puppets by

Eric Bass, Arne Bustorff, Rob Matson, Norbert Mülbert

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