Richard 3.5: Light Ruminations on Murder

It’s showtime again, and onstage, live from the 15th century, King Richard III is here to perform, for your enjoyment, 11 murders and 7 songs that Shakespeare never meant to write. Surrounded by larger-than-life candles, whose wax is used to create the puppet victims before your eyes, Richard and his emcee accomplice dance and sing their way through this epic tragedy. Using comedy and irreverence, Bass and Berky dig at the true meaning of Richard III and his drive for power. Framed as a dialogue between that relentless driver and his complicit passenger, Richard 3.5 asks: How far can you go before there is no hope for redemption? Can corruption be turned around?

King Richard himself sees all people as merely “puppets” in his hands, to be molded as he sees fit. But the puppet, once created, cannot be so easily destroyed. Its spirit, once released, cannot be silenced. Richard 3.5 blends Shakespeare with a metaphorical staging that unlocks levels of Shakespeare’s meaning through imagery, music, humor, and contemporary references.

Created and Performed by

Eric Bass and Bob Berky

With Texts by

Bass, Berky, and the Bard

Lighting Design

Gerald Stockman

Music by

Ralph Denzer and Eric Bass

Puppet Design

Ines Zeller Bass and Jana Zeller

Set Design

Dave Regan

Directorial consultant

Richard Edelman

Guitar coach

Scott Ainslie

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