When I Put On Your Glove

glove-v1SANDGLASS THEATER Artistic Director ERIC BASS, after 30 years, is passing the puppets from his signature piece Autumn Portraits into new hands. The result: a look at a new piece, WHEN I PUT ON YOUR GLOVE, performed by his daughter SHOSHANA BASS.

Shoshana Bass is an interdisciplinary performing artist, with a background in physical theater, dance and circus. Working with director Gerard Stropnicky, she has worked puppetry, dance and spoken word into a piece that explores her relationship to her father’s Autumn Portraits.   Eric Bass has performed Autumn Portraits since 1981. The show has traveled around the world and won awards on several continents. It has been performed in three languages. The passing of these puppets into new hands marks a pivotal moment of generational transition for Sandglass Theater.

photo by Kirk Murphy

When I Put On Your Glove is a puppetry, dance and spoken word piece that explores a daughter’s relationship to her father’s work building upon a premise that puppets are containers of memory. In it, a daughter explores what it means for her to slip into her father’s art – and not just the form, but the actual pieces. This work addresses universal questions of belonging, childhood, fear of loss, death and the complicated nature of navigating generational artistic legacy. The passing of these puppets into new hands marks a pivotal moment of generational transition for Sandglass Theater. It is an engagement with what legacy means in the field of puppetry; how an art form endures and transforms as it is handed to the next generation; meeting the voice of the past with the voice of the present, and singing it into the future.

This project is supported in part by the Vermont Arts Council and donations from all those who generously contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign.

“Shoshana’s enactment of her inheritance is technically and artistically assured, a faithful replica that honors the original while placing the young performer’s own creative stamp on it. The show as a whole is a kind of coming-of-age, as the daughter comes into her own as an artist and as the father, rather than simply retiring the show and the handmade, love-made puppets, passes his glove to the next generation.”

-Chris Rohmann, The Valley Advocate

When I Put On Your Glove by Shoshana Bass from Sandglass Theater on Vimeo.

Video by Willow O’Feral/Haptic Pictures

Photos by Kiqe Bosch