Puppet Concurrent Resolution

State of Vermont Puppet Chamber,
Putney, Vermont

By Puppeteers: Bass, Bass, Bass, Murphy, and Zeller, and Millions of Others as this Resolution is not limited to any Electoral Construct but Open and Inclusive of Anyone who Enjoys Puppets or Who has Ever had an Intelligent Conversation about Justice and the State of the World.

Puppet Non-Congressional Resolution 101: Congratulating Peter Schumann on the Myriad Ways in which he has Paved the Road for Puppetry and Social Justice and on the Myriad Ways in which he still Walks That Road.

Whereas Peter and Elke Schumann were present at the opening of Sandglass Theater opened in 1996,

Whereas Peter Schumann has set the stage for the Puppet to address the Serious Issues of our Time in ways that evoke Laughter as well as Action as well as Awe of Beauty, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has given birth and voice and hands to a movement and practice through generations, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has gone where few puppeteers have gone before – and when it wasn’t safe to go there, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has given us something to carry in every parade worth marching in so our hands would not be idle, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has taken the diminutive connotation out of the word puppet, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has given us bread to eat, and

Whereas Peter Schumann came to us from a great distance, sometimes disguised as a herd of buffalo, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has almost always managed to get the rain to wait until he was finished, almost, and

Whereas Peter Schumann really has made the world his stage, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has the longest stilts, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has not asked anyone to do anything he did not do himself, and

Whereas Peter Schumann has refused to talk about puppets during a puppet workshop when there was trouble in Kosovo or anywhere else in the world to talk about, which there always is, given the nature of the world, and you don’t have to talk about puppets anyway if you just pitch in and get your hands dirty, and

Whereas Peter Schumann gave us a voice and vision both poetic and actual, both reverent and irreverent, both outside the norm and at the heart of the matter, both accessible and lofty, both affordable and priceless, now therefore be it

Resolved by this Gathering,

That Sandglass Theater and the Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival: Walking to the Borders, congratulates Peter Schumann, thanks him, and celebrates him for the above contributions, and anything else he thinks we should have said, but forgot.

Resolved: That we present this Resolution to Peter Schumann at this 9th Edition of Puppets in the Green Mountains.


Presented on Friday, the 11th day of September in the year 2015
at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro, VT

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