Punschi at Mutton & Mead fair and Putney Library


This weekend June 24th and 25th catch two Punschi shows at the annual
Mutton and Mead Festival in Turner’s Falls, MA.

Sandglass Theater full res 300dpi-49_webKasper and the Cow
created by Ines Zeller Bass and
performed by Jana Zeller
for family audiences

Enjoy a funny adventure with Kasper, beloved hand puppet hero of Germany, who is known for his stocking cap and audience-engaging humor. Kasper packs to go on a journey, but before he can leave, a cow steals his suitcase. With the help of his best friend, the endearing giant Augustin, Kasper has to go on a rollicking chase to reclaim his suitcase from the cow.

k&gwooshKasper and Gretel
created and performed by Jana Zeller
for adult audiences

This raucous hand puppet piece features traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel, as they struggle with the duties of a married couple inside an old shack. The action turns comical, tragic and grotesque as the two juggle the baby, their chores and making money, dream of a better future and hide a dangerous secret from each other.

The Punschi Flea Circus comes to town on Wednesday June 28th, 11 AM at the
Putney Library

sandglass-theater-full-res-300dpi-107Fritzi’s Flea Circus
created by Ines Zeller Bass and performed by Shoshana Bass

Fritzi’s Flea Circus welcomes audiences into a delightful world of circus feats, presented by a tiny flea with a big personality. In this 20 minute show, you will experience Fritzi as the strong man, the high diver and even watch as he is shot out of a cannon into the audience. This miniature world invites the power of imagination, play and ear wiggling, scalp tickling, heart-warming fun.

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