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Performed by Shoshana Bass and Jana Zeller
Ines Zeller Bass, original creation and design
Sandglass Theater presents a collection of delightful and compelling short puppet pieces in Punschi. Perfect for kids and adults alike, Punschi features hand puppets, a miniature circus, music, and lots of laughs!  An enchanting tradition of imaginative puppetry and entertainment performed by international touring artists Jana Zeller and Shoshana Bass.

This family friendly PUNSCHI was conceived by Ines Zeller Bass in the 1980s and is now embarking on a new life in the next generation. PUNSCHI has toured to theaters, libraries, festivals, street fairs and schools across New England and New York. The series is adaptable to your entertainment needs and fun for the whole family. See how much fun a tradition can be! This program can also be performed in German. 

“Punschi” is pure joy! This performance combines the exuberance and flair of European street theater with the sanctity of a family tradition passed down through generations. Live music, multiple styles of puppetry, clowning, and physical theater support hilarious lines delivered in German, English, Gibberish, and Kazoo. Audiences of all ages will leave laughing and cheering for Kasper, Fritzi, Tschokolino and the amazing sisters who bring their stories to life! 

–Roxie Myhrum, Artistic Director, Puppet Showplace Theater

“Sandglass Theater’s Punschi, performed by Shoshana Bass and Jana Zeller, is a delightful and compelling puppet show performed with great zest, skill, and humor by two eminently talented puppeteers. Jana Zeller’s performance of Kasper and the Cow is a masterful and whimsical re-interpretation of the traditional German puppet character as a comic hero whose efforts to go off on a trip with his red suitcase are flustered by a comic cow, and aided by a friendly giant. Shoshana Bass’s Fritzi’s Flea Circus is an astounding spectacle of miniature proportions following its tiny hero through an adventurous day of performing incredible circus feats by means of brilliant theatrical tricks. These shows enthralled our audience of children and adults.”            –-Dr. John Bell, Director, Ballard Institute

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