Puppets in Paradise

Sandglass Theater celebrating 30 years in Vermont!


It is with great pride and joy that Sandglass Theater  celebrates 30 years in our home state of Vermont. We marked this occasion at our most beloved family event, Puppets In Paradise, September 10 th and 11 th, 2016 . This event encompassed two days of puppetry, food and performance in the enchanted garden of landscape architects Gordon and Mary Hayward. Audiences walked through the gardens, enjoyed the sight and aroma of herbs, flowers, and other beautiful flora and met puppets, theater artists, and musicians around each corner and behind every bush. Food and refreshments added to the delight of a beautiful day.


Sandglass was founded in Munich, Germany in 1982 and moved to Puntey, Vermont in 1986. In March 1996 Sandglass opened its newly transformed barn doors to our community. Since then we presented high caliber, engaged theater work of all forms: for adults, families, activists, theater lovers, and the curious and playful of heart. We have strived to offer the best service to our community through the work we create, present and believe in. Our collaborations have spanned the world and created bridges with Cambodia, El Salvador, Poland, Germany, and across the United States and we have brought artist from all over the globe to meet our community through our International Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival. We have collaborated in forms, ranging from puppetry, theater, circus, dance, spoken word, social justice, gardening, and food. We have set the stage for the next generation in whatever incarnation it may be, and continue to widen our circle to include a diverse array of voices and visions.


Sandglass’s mission continues to sustain an artist-driven theater with an emphasis on advancing the development of puppetry as a unique and unusual theater form that embodies the human experience. Sandglass creates new work, engages in challenging collaborations, presents thought-provoking and responsible art, hosts other artists to promote the art of puppetry and expose our audiences to diverse styles and traditions, teaches our process and traditions, and cultivates a fire to create and to keep on creating.

Puppets in Paradise is a celebration of artistry, community and history.



$10/ticket; $32 for a family of four with $6 for each additional family member