One Way Street (2002)

“One Way Street” deals with themes of time, memory, cultural history, and the sense of life’s mystery. Using texts from Walter Benjamin, the 1920’s & ’30’s German Jewish literary critic, Bass and members of Sandglass Theater create a world of images, in which “a key has been irrevocably lost, but the desire to search for it remains.” This is a state of longing, a search for that which cannot be found. It is the search which matters, not the object of the search.
The world of “One Way Street” is populated by figures who are fragments of dreams, of childhood, of poems. These characters emerge from Benjamin’s texts: the Angel of History, the Little Hunchback of nursery songs, and someone who suggests Benjamin himself but who might be any searcher, any collector of the timeless objects of history and culture. These characters inhabit the remains of cities, the buildings of which are themselves only fragments. Somewhere within these fragments is a key, but one can only wander and hope to encounter it.

Conceived by

Eric Bass

Directed by

Roberto Salomon

Music by

Paul Dedell

Puppet Design and building:

Dave Regan

Performed by

Eric Bass, Ines Zeller Bass & Merrill Garbus

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