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puppet crimes dates changed

Where’s Kasper?

The dates have changed!
Come see this work-in-progress showing at Sandglass
November 30th and December 1st!

Puppet Crimes
By Jana Zeller, Spybird Theater
Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1st at 7:30 pm
A work in progress showing
$12/students and seniors,

Thank You!













Here and Away

Coming soon to Sandglass Theater

Puppet Crimes
By Jana Zeller
Friday and Saturday October 12th and 13th at 7:30 pm
A work in progress showing
$12/students and seniors, $14/general admission
Kasper and Gretel

This raucous puppet piece features traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel as they struggle to survive in an old shack on the margins of society.

Joshua Holden

Festival Spotlight

“Mr. Holden has dedicated his shows to lightening the mood of all in the theater, puppets and humans alike. ” – The New York Times

Spend your afternoon with The Ambassador of Joy and award-winning puppeteer,

Meet Fred

Tickets are selling fast! Don’t miss your chance to catch all the shows you’re hoping to see!

Festival Spotlight

Hijinx are a high level, culturally unique group that specializes in making work with mixed ability casts.

Festival Calendar

Festival Calendar
A guide to the Puppets in the Green Mountains shows and events


Film: The Dark Crystal
Jim Henson Company
7pm, Latchis
Tickets available HERE


Gala Opening

The Hunger Artist and Babylon


Festival Spotlight!
Don’t miss the chance to see A Hunger Artist by Sinking Ship Productions or Babylon by Sandglass Theater during the festival
A Hunger Artist
Sinking Ship Productions (USA)



Family shows

Spotlight on Family shows!
Sandglass Theater’s International Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival brings you the stars of contemporary puppet theater, live and interactive, right here in your community! In this year’s festival Sept.19-23, there will be three shows especially for family audiences.

Access through the Arts


Festival Spotlight!
Access and Inclusion are major themes of this year’s festival

This year’s festival grew out of our desire to be more accessible to all members of our community. Beyond building ramps and presenting shows in accessible venues we are making efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages physical,

Rustwerk Refinery comes to you from Cananda

Festival Spotlight

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play
Rustwerk Refinery (Canada)

9/23, 4:30 pm, Next Stage Arts Project, Putney tickets

There are special School Show presentations on
9/21, 9 &11am, Latchis Theatre,

Puppets in the Green Mountains

Sandglass Theater is proud to announce the roster of
Performances, Workshops, Special Events, Interviews and Exhibits!



Shows for Adults


Babylon: Journeys of Refugees

Sandglass Theater (VT)
9/20 &

Art opening this weekend at Next Stage


August 23 through November 20
Artist Reception: Saturday, August 25

Come enjoy the art work of Ines Zeller Bass this coming Saturday August 25 from 4 – 6 pm at the Gallery at Next Stage in Putney.

Puppets in the Green Mountains GALA

Puppets in the Green Mountains:
Opening the Doors
Gala Celebration!
Thursday, September 20 @ 5:30 pm

@ Brattleboro Museum and Art Center
10 Vernon St, Brattleboro,

New England Foundation for the Arts Grant Award announcement

Sandglass.Babylon.wheelSandglass Theater is pleased to announce that it’s newest production, Babylon, is the recipient of a New England Foundation for the Arts National Theater Project grant. NTP promotes the development of artist-led, ensemble, and devised theater work while extending the reach and life of these projects through touring.

The Velcro Show!


Sandglass Theater is pleased to present a work-in-progress show by Kalob Martinez and Blaari Gulledge.
Velcro Kitty was king of his block in the big city of Houston, Texas. He knew how to navigate around cars,

Art exhibit


Exhibit of art works by Ines Zeller Bass
at Next Stage

August 23 through November 20

Artist Reception: Saturday, August 25, 4:00–6:00pm

Artist statement: The characters in my pictures are like puppets on a stage.

be a part of community initiatives

Dear Sandglass Theater Patron,

Sandglass is hard at work creating a more just and peaceful future for our local, national and international communities through the art of puppetry. By performing, teaching and presenting locally and worldwide we aim to inspire new generations of diverse artists and audiences to embrace puppetry as a means to seek truth,

The Gallery at Next Stage presents art by Ines Zeller Bass


Exhibition-3-DSC_0022-300x200Through November 20

Artist statement: The characters in my pictures are like puppets on a stage. They wait patiently in the wings of my fantasy until they are ready to step out to perform their act.

Festival Preview

Festival Preview

Puppets in the Green Mountains is proud to present

In a dark comedy about the economy and learning differences

9/22, 4:30 PM, New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro tickets

Puppet Crimes at Sandglass Theater

Friday and Saturday November 30th and December 1st, 7:30 PM
Kasper and Gretel
by Jana Zeller


Sandglass Theater in Putney will present Puppet Crimes, an original hand puppet show by Jana Zeller and her Spybird Theater.

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