Moth and Moon (1997)

A puppet play for the whole family, “Moth and Moon” is a story of a child alone on a small world, self-sufficient but yearning for something else. It is not until the Moon sends him a friend, in the form of a Moth, that he realizes what he has been missing. Their friendship grows quickly as the child shares his world with his new friend. But, while the child is asleep, the Moon calls the Moth back. This abrupt ending to an all-too-brief friendship sets a chain of events in motion that leads to mistakes, forgiveness and, ultimately, self-awareness. There is no spoken language in “Moth and Moon.” The story is told through images and action, with a tabletop rod puppet, shadow puppets and objects, enhanced with original music.

Moth and Moon is now part of the repertoire of The Company of Strangers (Email The Company of Strangers for more information)

Created and performed by

Finn Campman and Barbara Whitney

Original Music Composed by

Peter Mendelsund

“A simply and thereby accessible story without words, presented by two sympathetic young Americans, seduced the audience – young and old alike – into a world of dreams. Artfully chosen music, sensitive puppet manipulation, and accomplished direction…”

Franny Walters, Bel Opus im Fokus

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