Jonathan Flaccus


Sandglass Theater recognizes the passing of Jonathan Flaccus, a former member of our Board. Jonathan served on the board in the mid-2000s, during the years of our collaboration with Sovanna Phum in Cambodia. He took a keen interest in the project, as he was himself a world traveler, especially in Southeast Asia. His enthusiasm for the project helped drive our engagement with the wok, just as his perspectives helped inform our work. Jonathan was, by profession, a book dealer, and his love of documentation was a major force in helping Sandglass to produce our 20-year history, From Thought to Image (1986-2006). Jonathan, in his time with the Sandglass Board, was always attentive to the details that monitored our financial health and progress. And his moments of wry humor still linger in the rafters of our space.

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