Isidor’s Cheek (for Family Audiences)

Lazy Isidor never went out
He just stayed at home merely lolling about…
Isidor’s Cheek

So begins the song, which begins the story, which begins the adventure: One day, something drives Isidor from out of his little grey existence. His cheek runs away, and Isidor must search around the world to find it again: a world of color and beauty, as well as loneliness and even danger.

Ines Zeller Bass performs “Isidor’s Cheek” on a revolving table filled with all the details of Isidor’s miniature world: from his shabby grey house to a forest of apple trees, through an unfriendly city, across a sea of turtles and barracuda, into the smallest circus in the world. The table revolves to bring Isidor home again and to transform his house, his garden and indeed his whole outlook on life. Isidor himself is barely 5 and 1/2 inches high (14 cm), an appropriately little hero for a small story with a big heart.

Isidor’s Cheek won a Citation of Excellence from UNIMA in 1999. An ideal performance for intimate rooms: audiences age 4-9 and their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Conceived and performed by Ines Zeller Bass

Designed by Jana Zeller

Directed by

Eric Bass

Music composed and recorded by

Peter Tavalin

Inspired by a German children’s book.

puppet form Sandglass Theater

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