hip hop master dance class with Amirah Sackett

https---cdn.evbuc.com-images-34897496-163550470025-1-originalThe hip-hop group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic“ was conceived of by dancer Amirah Sackett in 2011, a moment Sackett referred to as “a really tumultuous time in history as far as Islam is concerned.”Determined to shift the terms of the conversation, she teamed up with dancers Iman and Khadijah to create WMDC, a three-woman performance group that executes flawless hip-hop numbers in niqab and high-tops.

“I wanted to flip the script,“ Sackett told Bust Magazine. “I wanted to educate others and reflect the beauty that I know and love in Muslim women. Yes, there are oppressed women in the Muslim world. Women are oppressed the world over.
These are our mutual struggles.”

Amirah Sacket’s video went viral and now she is bringing her Hip Hop Master Class to us. She will be offering a Master Class this Friday September 8th from 6:30 to 8pm at Headroom Stages, 17 Eilliot Street downtown Brattleboro.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in advance at
Southern Vermont Dance Festival.
This event is hosted by Sandglass Theater
and Southern Vermont Dance Festival

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