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Sandglass associate artists Jana Zeller and Kalob Martinez present original hand puppet pieces at The Great River Festival in Saxtons River

July 6 – 8

El Beto

El Beto by Kalob Martinez is a one man, bilingual, hand puppet version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is set in the world of the Mexican drug cartel. While the US engages in the war on drugs another war is fought by the cartels in order to gain control of the US/Mexico border. From 2006 to 2010 there were seven cartels fighting over control of the border. 35,000 drug related homicides occurred during that span of time.

Kasper and Gretel

Jana Zeller will be presenting her adult Kasper and Gretel. This raucous hand puppet piece features traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel, as they struggle with the duties of a married couple inside an old shack. The action turns comical, tragic and grotesque as the two juggle the baby, their chores and making money, dream of a better future and hide a dangerous secret from each other. Based in a tradition that first appeared in the fairgrounds in Europe in the seventeenth century, these stock characters survive to this day and continue to comment on their surrounding society.

When I Put On Your Glove at Fury Festival

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July 12 at 8 pm, July 13 at 8:30 pm, and July 15 at 5 pm

When I Put On Your Glove is a puppetry, dance and spoken word piece that explores a daughter’s relationship to her father’s work building upon a premise that puppets are containers of memory. In it, a daughter explores what it means for her to slip into her father’s art and not just the form, but the actual pieces. This work addresses universal questions of belonging, childhood, fear of loss, death and the complicated nature of navigating generational artistic legacy.

One of the most exciting theatrical events in San Francisco Bay Area, the FURY Factory is a national hub for ensemble theater work on the West Coast. Staged every other year by foolsFURY theater company, it features: Main stage productions of fully crafted works by some of the country’s most innovative, exciting theater makers, Raw Materials Polished sections of new works in development, Workshops in creation techniques led by participating artists and other master teachers, as well as panel discussions and more.

“How often do we get to see a meta-puppet show, a puppet-piece
*about puppetry*, a deep take on the creative processes of our art, and
their origins in the robust inner child that has survived every puppeteer’s
actual childhood ––a show that probes the making of this art in ways that
look both backward and forward at the same time: the older puppeteer
disappears behind his/her puppet-table to make the puppet fully visible;
the young puppeteer dances in the open space between the staging stations,
portraying in her own body the journey she has willingly taken on. This
gift from her dad which Shoshana has taken possession of as a way to tell
her own story––Portrait of the Puppeteer as a Young Woman—I received it as
a gift in turn from her to us, her fellow-puppeteers, exploring for us her
initiation into what Julie Taymor calls “this rare and mysterious art.”

-Wes Sanders

Theatre of Yugen
2840 Mariposa St, SF, CA, 94110, United States
(415) 621-0507

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