Here and Away

Coming soon to Sandglass Theater

Puppet Crimes

By Jana Zeller

Friday and Saturday October 12th and 13th at 7:30 pm

A work in progress showing
$12/students and seniors, $14/general admission

Kasper and Gretel

This raucous puppet piece features traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel as they struggle to survive in an old shack on the margins of society. As the centuries pass through their little puppet booth, war is always raging and Kasper tries to avoid getting blamed, arrested and drafted, yet this petty puppet always ends up being the scapegoat for larger crimes. In a grotesque world of gun-runners, outhouses, and a declining monarchy, Kasper (with the humor and wit of the common man) ducks out from under authority and manages to survive another 200 years. This is an action packed work in progress show, inspired by German, British and Italian hand puppet traditions.

Jana is a second generation puppeteer whose passion for the hand puppet has driven her to research this 400 year old European tradition extensively. She is intrigued by the fact that these little puppets, who first appeared in the fairgrounds of Europe in the sixteen hundreds and spoke to the common people about politics, the church, and society, have survived to this day, defying authority, economic hardship and censorship, and that the themes they were addressing long ago still have relevance in our current times. In her research Jana conducted several interviews with Peter Schumann of Bread and Puppet, who witnessed the old fairground performances in his childhood and personally knew some of Germany’s most renowned hand puppeteers. The creation of this piece is supported by a generous grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

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Sandglass Abroad

D-Generation: An Exaltation of Larks

by Sandglass Theater

One of the highlights of the international program for adults is D-generation: An Exaltation of Larks by America’s Sandglass Theater. After the performance of this offbeat theater piece set in a care facility, the audience will have the opportunity to go and visit lifelike puppets of the old people who feature in the production. 

mit:gefühl” 2018 International Puppet Theater Festival

The “mit:gefühl” 2018 International Puppet Theater Festival will showcase puppet theater as a theater for all the senses with more installations and participatory formats than ever before. With 31 productions from ten countries, the festival will present a broad cross-section of contemporary puppet theater October 17-28, 2018.

D-Generation: An Exhaltation of Larks is a theater piece based on stories written collaboratively by groups of people with late-stage dementia. The work is performed by three puppeteers (the caregivers) and five puppets (the residents of a care-facility). Set to a compelling original score and striking animated video segments, D-Generation takes us into a world that is all too much a part of our lives.for tickets and further information

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