Happy New Year!

Sandglass wishes you a happy new year!

This year our thoughts are on Promise and Civility.

It is a time for reaffirming promises to ourselves, and also to each other. And it is an opportunity to see our future as promising.

In this time when public figures rarely keep their promises to people in our own country, nor to our allies abroad, we must tend to our own relationships and promises to protect one another, and stand together for justice, beauty and peace. We are working for civility and for creating a climate for a promising future.

There cannot be civility or promise if we continue to exclude people from essential dialogues for reasons of race, nationality, citizenship status, gender identity, disability, religion, age or class.

May we continue to ask how better to include, how to create access to stories other than our own; may we continue to listen, keep our promises and practice civility together.

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