Happy holidays

The Sandglass community is comprised of you, the people who participate by showing up to trainings, special events, and performances!

Puppets in the Green Mountains

“I attended the 2018 Puppets in the Green Mountain Festival in Putney, Vermont. To say it was amazing, incredible, or spectacular, would be an understatement! It was of course all of those things but so much more! This festival was filled with so much talent, creativity, skill, fun, laughter, tears, and joy; bringing together puppeteers from near and far; gathering community and culture to support one another and to educate and bring to light the very important issues in our world. I personally learned so much, but the most important thing I carried away with me was HOPE. That together we can bring positivity and change through the art of puppetry. I observed the people in the audience young and old a like as their eyes lit up with excitement or something touched them deeply and brought tears. There was a man sitting next to me in between shows, he had just finished interacting with one of the puppets, he looked up at me and said “man, this is better than medicine!” I absolutely agree! I will be counting the days until we can gather together in the Green Mountains again. Thank you to Sandglass Theater, Puppeteers of America and everyone involved.”

Summer Intensive Training in Puppetry

“I had the privilege of being a participant in the 2018 Sandglass Theater summer intensive training in puppetry. I was so excited and a bit trepidatious honestly, when I received the letter of invitation to participate. I felt I had had only moderate experience in comparison to others who would also be attending.

Upon arrival, there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere and our cohort, diverse in language, culture, homeland, age, experience, and puppetry knowledge quickly became much like a close-knit family.

What would ensue over the next two weeks would be life-changing. As the days unfolded, we were given assignments that challenged us both individually and as part of an ensemble. The instructors were encouraging and supportive. Together they embodied a wealth of knowledge and experience. They possessed a brilliant ability to move each participant forward regardless of their own unique place in their journey as a puppeteer. This in itself is nothing short of amazing.  The material evoked emotion and deep thought and the practice of performance, critiquing, and reworking our pieces, taught us resiliency, self-confidence, and self-discovery. This intensive is a must for any puppeteer who is looking for something to grow them as a person and in their work as a puppeteer. Thank you Sandglass Theater, I will definitely be returning!”

-Traci Nicolay, Burlington Vermont

Happy holidays to all of you from Sandlgass Theater!

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