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Sandglass Theater’s International Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival brings you the stars of contemporary puppet theater, live and interactive, right here in your community! In this year’s festival Sept.19-23, there will be three shows especially for family audiences. All shows are presented in fully accessible venues and the 11am performance of the Joshua Show will be ASL interpreted. There are Social Stories available online for families that need a description of what attending any of these performances will look like (see show page on site to download).
The Puppet and its Double is Taiwan’s premier international touring company, presenting a special family show without spoken words, so that everyone can understand this delightful and highly visual story of Mr. Ruraru’s Yard.
“Mr. Rogers meets Pee-wee Herman” in the Joshua Show. Joshua Holden is known as the “Ambassador of Joy” and is one of the most in demand performers in the world of children’s puppetry, bringing a warm and relevant dialogue about finding ones place in today’s world, especially for young audiences. AND with a nice contemporary edge, tap dancing and music.
RustWerk Refinery has broken boundaries in transposing vital historical events to theater that is lively, fun and dynamic, using a large-scale graphic novel format in the hands of live actors.
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Mr Ruraru’s Yard

Puppet and its Double (Taiwan)

9/22, 11 AM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets
9/22, 2 PM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets

This contemporary Asian company brings a Japanese children’s book to life in an evocative piece about an old man who tries to keep his backyard tame and free of nature and its critters. A story for family audiences told entirely without words, but with delight and joy, and a sensory feast for people of all ages. The animals, all made from abstract pieces of driftwood, finally win Mr. Ruraru over, of course. He sees that, first of all, nature belongs in a garden, but also, that he learns to delight in nature.  By getting to know nature, he discovers what it is and why it is wonderful.

Puppet and its Double Theater is recognized as one of the most iconic theatre companies in Taiwan. Known for bringing contemporary puppet theater to Taiwan, their work bridges worlds by blending contemporary puppet forms with recognizably Taiwanese cultural identity and their original design and their choice of stories.
Throughout the performance, I was truly amazed by the talent of the actors. Telling a story without words is not an easy task, but they managed to not only impart their message but also make the whole performance hilarious and entertaining.
– The Ubyssey

The Joshua Show: Episode 2

Joshua Holden (USA)

9/23, 11 AM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets
9/23, 2 PM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets

Spend your afternoon with The Ambassador of Joy and award-winning puppeteer, Joshua Holden. His new show, The Joshua Show: Episode 2, will cheer up even the grumpiest grump, like Joshua’s right-hand man, Mr. Nicholas, who is planning an escape to outer space.

Joshua is known throughout US puppetry circles as the most sympathetic, honest, and inspiring performer for children since Mr. Rogers.  His hand puppet, Mr. Nicolas, can never quite seem to find his place in the world, and his frank discussions with his puppeteer, Joshua, are warm, funny, and also very real.  With singing, tap dancing, and a cast of zany puppets, Joshua sets out to convince Mr. Nicholas to stay, and in doing so, he brings glee to the masses. Relax your smile muscles now because The Joshua Show: Episode 2 will have you smiling from ear to ear with contagious joy.

Mr. Holden has dedicated his shows to lightening the mood of all in the theater, puppets and humans alike.
– The New York Times

Louis Riel: A Comic Stage Play

Rustwerk Refinery (Canada)

9/23, 4:30 pm, Next Stage Arts Project, Putney tickets

There are also special School Show presentations on
9/21, 9 & 11 am, Latchis Theatre, Brattleboro More info

Riel sits in a courtroom; a judge stands ready to sentence him to death by hanging. He must plead his case and we get to witness an important piece of Canadian history. Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play, is a bold portrayal of a young Canada going through some of the most difficult growing pains ever…

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Chester Brown, this brilliant staging addresses the trial of Louis Riel, who led a 19th century rebellion of indigenous Métis people in western Canada against the English government in Ottawa, to retain the rights to their Manitoba land.  An epic live-action version of the comic strip that is part adventure story, part history lesson, and a completely fascinating theatrical event, this award winning show works with a new puppetry style and aesthetic inspired by Chester Brown’s marvelous artistry. The 2 dimensional puppets whose simplicity belies their capacity for effective storytelling, play with our notions of what puppets can do, revealing a rugged and treacherous landscape both in life and politics.
a dazzling pageant of two dimensional puppetry
– The Montreal Gazette

…Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play is a haunting yet funny look at a man whose life continues to defy lazy hagiography, popping out of our country’s history with colour and passion in the 130 years since he walked to the gallows.
– Sarah Deshaies, Cult Montreal

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Funding for the Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival was provided in part by The Clowes Fund, The Bay & Paul Foundation, The New England Foundation for the Arts, Puppeteers of America, The Thomas Thomson Trust, The Vermont Arts Council, The Vermont Community Foundation, The Windham Foundation, Taipei cultural Center in New York, Chroma, the Brattleboro Savings & Loan and C&S Wholesale Grocers.


All venues in the Puppets in the Green Mountains festival are wheelchair-accessible.
If you need priority seating, parking, or any assistance when you arrive, be sure to let us know when purchasing tickets. We welcome people of all abilities, and strive to provide programming that is inclusive and accessible to all. Please contact us for more information on accessibility options that we can provide.