Dwarf Longnose (1991)

“Dwarf Longnose” is based on the German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. It is a literary story, not a folk tale, but, like the Sleeping Beauty of Perrault or the Little Mermaid of Andersen, it has become a respected member of the tradition to which both literary and folk fairy tales belong. Like many fairy tales, it is a story of transformation; in this case, a young boy is transformed into an ugly dwarf. The ugliness is important: heroes, like the rest of us, need to meet their “dark sides” in order to integrate them and become whole human beings. Like the beast in “Beauty and the Beast,” our Dwarf Longnose must lose himself to find himself.

Conceived by

Ines Zeller Bass

Directed by

Eric Bass

Music by

Robert Starner

Performed by

Ines Zeller Bass

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