Puppets share humans’ dementia
review by Jim Lowe, Times Argus, Montpelier, VT

Let the Man Have His Larks
Review by Danielle Thierry, Burlington Writers Workshop

The idea of sensitively portraying Alzheimer’s patients with puppets proved inspired.

Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review – Boston

It is so rare any more that I see theater that engages me, has me leaning forward, leaning into the event. Sandglass did that . . . and more. It’s a beautiful piece.

Scott T. Cummings, Chair Theatre Dept., Boston College

It is one of the must beautiful and affecting theater pieces I’ve ever seen. I laughed and cried (literally) and was blown away by the supreme artistry of these puppeteers and actors. You come away with all kinds of fresh thoughts about aging, and time, and living in the moment, and you have a deeper understanding of those who have travelled down the road before us.

Douglas Anderson, Executive Director of Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, VT