Crankies! performances and Year End Appeal

Crankies! 4th annual weekend of performances
Saturday December 2nd at 5pm and 8pm and
Sunday December 3rd at 3pm
This weekend Sandglass Theater presents the annual weekend of crankie performances. Come see what the crankie craze is all about! A crankie is a storytelling device with a long illustrated scroll wound in a viewing box that is cranked while accompanied by song.

Performances by Sandglass founders, Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass, Molly and Ellen Gawler of the Gawler Family Band, Brendan Taaffe, Kali Quinn, Donald Saaf, Trudi Cohen and John Bell.

Shows are Saturday December 2nd at 5pm and 8pm and Sunday December 3rd at 3pm at Sandglass Theater. Space is limited so reservations are encouraged.
Tickets are $16 general admission and $13 students and seniors.

CLICK HERE for reservations. Tickets can be purchased with cash or check at the door.

This weekend of performances is part of Sandglass Theater’s crankie fundraising celebration that includes performances, a crankie building workshop and an auction of exquisite crankies created by 10 artists in our area.
Also check out our fundraising auction!

CLICK HERE to place your bid on a crankie created by one of our areas renowned artists.

Year End Appeal at Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Theater’s newest ensemble work, Babylon merges theater, puppetry song, crankies and movement to weave stories of the journeys of refugees and their relationships to their homelands, lost and new and the conflicts that exist within the American communities to which they have fled. Eric Bass is among
a wave of artists who take on the responsibility of social justice with in our communities through his work.

Babylon began tour this year with performances and residencies at Raritan Valley Community College, Landmark College, the Flynn Theater and Portland Ovations and the hope is to bring Babylon to areas in our country that are heavily impacted by refugee resettlement.

As the arts are suppressed through loss of funding in our society it is even more pressing for us, the individuals, to support the cause for which the arts speak. Please consider reinforcing Sandglass Theater with your donation as we aim to raise $20,000 this year to support Babylon among other mission driven activities.
Sandglass Ensemble Speaks: Kei Ching
First of a series of comment by Sandglass performers and designers


“I am an artist committed to creating positive change. Working with Sandglass has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I have learned so much about myself and about creating ensemble based theater about controversial topics. I truly hope that Babylon can be seen by a variety of people of different backgrounds, as it has the potential to spark dialogue about the pressing topic of the refugee crisis. While there is no easy solution to an issue of this magnitude, we as a company have the power to raise awareness and present a multi-dimentional look at this complex problem.”
— Keila K. Ching, Babylon ensemble performer


photo by Kiqe Bosch



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