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On December 15th at 4pm and 7:30pm and 16th at 3pm Sandglass Theater brings you the mystique and low-tech charm of pairing song and story with rolling pictures. The roster of artists at this year’s annual Crankie Weeekend includes both old and new friends: Eric and Ines Zeller Bass, Anna Patton, Julie Vallimont, Meredith Holch, Brendan Taaffe, Donald Saaf and Matt Sharff.

This dynamic collection of artists will share their work, poetry, song, and magical cranking devices in the celebration of the storytelling medium, which has recently become so popular across New England.

With the serenade of ballads, stories, comic songs and originally composed music, the artists will present an assortment of beautifully handcrafted crankies for your delight and entertainment. Crankies are scrolling illustrations, wound inside a wooden box and then hand-cranked so that the images move across a viewing screen. Once called “moving panoramas”, crankies were as close as it got to films in the early 19th century. Recently crankies have made a fresh and invigorated appearance throughout the nation, appearing in circuses, music events and yes…puppet theaters.

Keep warm and get cozy for the performances in the intimate setting of Sandglass’ renovated barn theater. Reservations are strongly recommended, as seating is limited. Tickets are $18 general, $16 for students/seniors, and $25 for a special supporters. Please reserve your tickets at or by calling 802 387-4051. Sandglass is an accessible venue right in the heart of Putney off I-91, exit 4.

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Here’s what Jeff Bragg of Puppeteers of America says

 Sharon Murphy Boski
A puppetry festival is something special. At its core, it is a gathering of endlessly resourceful and talented people sharing their experiences, gifts, and stories with each other. These events are some of the most open hearted gatherings of people that I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of attending.

Every other year, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions of the Puppeteers of America sponsor Puppet Homecoming. Every few years, Sandglass Theater produce their Puppets in the Green Mountains festival. This year, with our regional festival coinciding with theirs, the opportunity to collaborate was irresistible. Whereas most puppetry festivals have been primarily for puppeteers, Sandglass Theater’s previous festivals were designed for the public.

Puppet Homecoming was able to bring workshops, a potpourri, and a slam, along with a puppet exhibit and a pop-up store to add to the amazing performers Sandglass had gathered. As the P of A’s Mid-Atlantic regional director, part of my job is to facilitate the production of a biennial festival. Working with Shoshana and Eric to make this happen was almost effortless. I don’t think we could find a better collaborative partner than Sandglass.

Thanks for working so hard with us to make two festivals into one!
Jeff Bragg, Puppeteers of America

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