The Box Show (1983, Reworked 1988)

“The Box Show” is a fantasy about fantasy. A silent clown, dissatisfied with herself and her environment, is encouraged by an “outside voice” to use her imagination. She imagines a world of boxes, colorfully wrapped and inviting, but also a bit intimidating. The boxes are all closed. The clown opens the boxes, and finds in each a fantasy world, some of which grow and lead her on to other boxes and other worlds. Her journey into fantasy is encouraged by a tantalizing mailbox, but discouraged by an authoritative telephone. They are, of course, the two voices in herself: the one which urges her on to adventure, and the one which emphasizes safety and stasis.

box2Through her fantasies, our clown finds a stronger sense of her own identity, copes with her loneliness, expands her limits and courage, and sorts out some of the conflicting voices within herself. She also reduces the size of some problems which seem bigger than they prove to be. Zeller Bass’ clown is a kind of comic Pandora. The boxes she opens contain a tango-dancing snake, a mouse which grows biger and bigger as it eats everything in sight, a small clown who has, literally, lost his head and hopes to find one to fit, a magical parrot, a storm and even a box of laughter.

Conceived and Designed by

Ines Zeller Bass

Directed by

Eric Bass

Performed by

Ines Zeller Bass

“The artistry of Ines Zeller BAss does not rely on crude devices to make us laugh or to draw us into the mood; everything is magnificently suggested, and rappport with the children is sustained.”

La Nouvelle Republique de Pyrenées

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