Babylon at Raritan Valley Community College

The Babylon Company has arrived in New Jersey where they are in residency at Raritan Valley Community College this week. RVCCArts presents a wide range of cultural programming by professional touring companies of regional, national and international stature to a campus and their community.

This week Sandglass Theater has the privilege of using the beautiful Main stage to continue rehearsals and to fold a new cast member into the ensemble. We are excited to learn more about how the show tours and are delighted that our dream of a technically efficient show has been realized.

Sandglass will be teaching two workshops to students and faculty. The first in Story Circle, based on John O’Neal’s method, developed by the Free Southern Theater during the civil rights era. This method develops listening skills and provides a form in which personal stories can be shared through art. We will also be facilitating The Refugee Journey- an interactive game and discussion that helps participants understand actual stories, challenges and obstacles that refugees face in fleeing and in the process of resettlement.

There will be two public performances of Babylon, Journeys of Refugees on Friday October 20th at 7pm and Saturday October 21st at 3pm.
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