Babylon at Landmark College

October 31st at 12:15pm and November 4th at 7:30pm Landmark College will present Sandglass Theater’s newest production, Babylon for a special residency and free public performance.  Performances take place at Ladmark’s Greenhoe Theatre.

As artists, how can one watch the millions of refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, not to mention countries in Africa and Asia, and not want to address this issue? Over 4 million from Syria; over 6 million from Afghanistan, and this does not even include the displaced people within those countries, nor does it address the thousands seeking asylum from Central America who are not considered refugees because their countries are not technically at war. Inspired by the current state of affairs in Europe, and later, the travel bans on refugees attempting to resettle in the United States, Sandglass Theater founders, Eric Bass, and Ines Zeller Bass decided the company had to respond. After recently completing a collaborative project in El Salvador, the company was already sensitized to issues of displacement of populations due to violence, and Babylon grew out of this inundation of events and experiences.

Babylon is a collaborative work. Each member of the cast and of the creative team has been a part of the investigative process.  The extensive research and development process combined with a patient creation process has yielded a carefully crafted, thought-provoking narrative that intends to support and inspire public discourse around the world.

Eric Bass will also be featured in the Landmark Speaker series on November 6th at 7pm at the Brooks M. O’Brien Auditorium, East Academic Building. Bass will be speaking about how puppetry is particularly well suited to exploring issues of social justice. Bass will present clips from Sandglass’ five most recent shows and collaboration, to explore and discuss the different ways in which the theater company works.

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