Autumn Portraits at Sandglass Theater


Since its creation in 1980, this celebrated solo performance has won awards in Australia, Hungary and a Citation of Excellence from the Union Internationale de la Marionette.

Autumn Portraits is a compelling evening-long solo puppet-and-mask performance, a series of five interlocking vignettes, each exploring one puppet character and its interplay with its manipulator, who might appear as a masked figure, or simply a voice from the sky. Eric Bass’ handcrafted rod puppets are characters in the “autumn” of their existence who act out their stories in precise and evocative gestures as they meet their pasts, their selves, their deaths.  Autumn Portraits is conceived and Performed by Eric Bass and Directed by Richard Edelman.

In September Autumn Portraits travels to Croatia and in November it will be performed in Taiwan.  Then on Friday and Saturday November 24th and 25th Eric will perform this signature work one last time at Sandglass Theater in Putney, Vermont.

This performance is part of the annual Putney Craft Tour weekend.  Tickets are $18, general admission and $16 for students and seniors.  Seating is limited.  Reserve your tickets in advance at or by calling 802 387 4051.



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