Art exhibit


Exhibit of art works by Ines Zeller Bass

at Next Stage

August 23 through November 20

Artist Reception: Saturday, August 25, 4:00–6:00pm

Artist statement: The characters in my pictures are like puppets on a stage. They wait patiently in the wings of my fantasy until they are ready to step out to perform their act. But unlike the puppet they don’t retreat back into the darkness but stay in their framed world always there to perform.

The way I approach a piece of puppet theater is the same as my approach to a picture: every moment on stage, just as the moment held on a piece of paper, suggests a life before entering and after leaving the stage or the picture. The mystery of what was before and what might be after remains with the audience or the spectator. An invitation is offered.

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Next Stage Arts

Gloving it in San Francisco’s
Fury Factory Festival

“I attended When I Put On Your Glove last night and it was… incredible. Very intimate with excellent puppetry and a fully emotional and thought-provoking experience. Best thing I’ve seen in a while.”

– Joe Wyka, festival ambassador

Last week Shoshana Bass and Maria Pugnetti presented the newest version of When I Put On Your Glove for the first time to a West Coast audience.

“I think people went into the show not knowing what to expect and perhaps with just a few assumptions about what a puppet show might consist of (assumptions they quickly abandoned). After the performances there were many deep conversations about the world they had participated in for the last hour: Questions about the art form of puppetry itself; questions about my history as a dancer, a Jewish woman and a daughter; and personal questions about my recovery and the role of the show in that process.

I find that stories beget stories. Many people sit in the audience listening to and watching my story, but are in essence breathing from the memories of their own stories, engaged with their own relationships to family, fathers and children. After the show I often have the honor of hearing other people’s stories, that mourn or celebrate life, belonging and familial love.

As word of mouth spread attendance grew over the weekend, progressing from 22 people at the first show to a full house for the final show. And we were delighted to have some friends and family show up in support as well.

It is a pure delight to be out in the world with my father’s puppets and blessing, have Maria’s partnership in technical support, and find connection everywhere through the art form and mutual curiosity. I think it was the joy of this unexpected connection that brought a man to his feet during the applause, calling “Mazel Tov!” and speaking to me through the interpretation of his daughter about his memories of Belarus and the old stetl, unable to leave the space of the theater without a refined picture of the puppets and us holding each-others hands.”

– Shoshana Bass
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