The Ark in the Tree (2005)

In “The Ark in the Tree,” a jolly, contented hippo lives in a bathtub perched in a tree. He fishes for things that influence his daily routine: if he hooks a cake pan, he’ll bake a cake. But on this day, he pulls up strange objects that open up stories and images that the hippo has never known before. His daily routine is also disturbed by the arrival of an exhausted skunk, who drinks his tea, eats his cake, and goes to sleep on his pillow – and this is only the beginning of strange events. Where do the cat and the snail come from, dusty from long travel, and injured? And why are the monkey and the rabbit so happy to see him, and so wet and exhausted? When the hippo is persuaded by the need of his guests to give them his food, his bed, his home, a question is posed: “What happens when there’s no more to share?”

Created by

Ines Zeller Bass and Merrill Garbus

Performed by

Ines Zeller Bass and Jana Zeller

Designed by

Jana Zeller

Music by

Ralph Denzer

The Ark in the Tree - puppetshow by Sandglass Theater

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