All Weather Ballads

Ice Shanty with puppeteers - Sandglass TheaterA love story that portrays the northern rural experience with dry humor, ironic poignancy, and elemental cursing. All Weather Ballads follows the lives of two Vermonters from childhood to old age. It is about a sense of place and those moments when we are able to look both forward and backward in time. This theater piece incorporates original ballads by Eric Bass with music by Keith Murphy. Performed by Eric, Ines Zeller Bass, and musician Nick Keil.

Restaged by longtime Sandglass collaborator Richard Edelman, All Weather Ballads takes Sandglass into the realm of Vermont experience, through 5 scenes, each a metaphorical world, a state of being.

Concept and ballad texts by:

Eric Bass

Originally directed by :

Richard Van Schouwen

Restaged by:

Richard Edelman and the company

Performed by:

Eric Bass, Ines Zeller Bass, Nick Keil

Lighting Design:

Gerald Stockman

Music Composed by:

Keith Murphy

Puppets Designed by:

Ines Zeller Bass, Matt Brooks

All Weather Ballads - puppet show by Sandglass Theater

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All Weather Ballads video

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