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The Putney Food Co-op is a key partner to bring art and food to the table

“There is a synergy between the Putney Food Co-op and Sandglass Theater.  Both offer our communities sustenance and opportunities to come together.  For what is a village in Vermont without art, humor, community, and good food?  I feel incredibly lucky to have Sandglass as a neighbor and a magical resource for fun, performance, and just as importantly, a strong community member.

Well beyond being just a performance venue or workshop host, Sandglass convenes community conversations around topics facing each of us every day.  Inviting a range of people to discuss race, food access, shelter, and other important issues.  Putney Co-op has been extremely lucky to partner with Sandglass to host some of these events.  And Shoshana has supported our efforts in Putney by attending, along with other Sandglass performers, our yearly Community Supper, adding so much magic to our efforts to bring Putney residents together around food and community.

Working with Sandglass is always rewarding, and Shoshana is a remarkable organizer.  She stays on top of scheduling, ensures all topics are covered, and is clear and enthusiastic in all our collaborations.  I will always say Yes to an opportunity to work with her.  And the rewards are numerous!  Our Co-op benefits from Sandglass’ work.

From the added traffic in our village, to the deepening understanding of issues, and simply, the sense of community that Putney folks feel after experiencing Puppets in Paradise, or Puppets in the Green Mountains, or a special performance where the children from the local elementary school are invited to attend.  These experiences spill out into our town through the pride we all feel in having this remarkable organization in our midst.  The Co-op is a buzz with conversation and smiles when the puppets are about!

I am grateful to Eric, Ines, Shoshana, and all the Sandglass people for what they bring to Putney.  These are riches beyond measure, and we are so lucky that the legacy continues with Shoshana at the lead.”

Robyn O’Brien, The Putney Food Co-op

Thank you to our community
for being a place where art can flourish

Coming soon to Sandglass Theater

Friday and Saturday November 30th and December 1st, 7:30 PM

Kasper and Gretel
by Jana Zeller

Sandglass Theater in Putney will present Puppet Crimes, an original hand puppet show by Jana Zeller and her Spybird Theater. This raucous puppet piece features traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel as they struggle to survive in an old shack on the margins of society. As the centuries pass through their little puppet booth, war is always raging and Kasper tries to avoid getting blamed, arrested and drafted, yet this petty puppet always ends up being the scapegoat for larger crimes. In a grotesque world of gun-runners, outhouses, and a declining monarchy, Kasper (with the humor and wit of the common man) ducks out from under authority and manages to survive another 200 years. This is an action packed work in progress show, inspired by German, British and Italian hand puppet traditions.

Tickets are $12 for students and seniors and $14 for general admission. Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling (802)387-4051 or email

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