Sandglass Ensemble Speaks: Terrell J.Jones

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Two more days left to place your bid on a crankie built by one of our areas esteemed artists and also support Sandglass Theater’s fundraising drive.A cranky is a wonderful way to bring the family together for songs, stories and beautiful art. They also make a unique gift!

Pieces for auction include crankies by Donald Saaf, Julia Zanes, Finn Campman, Ines Zeller Bass, Jana Zeller, David Rohn, Linda Rubinstein, Dave Regan, Alice Freeman and Michele Ratté.


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Like you, we look at our nation and world, and feel compelled to bring more sanity and humanity to the lives around us. Storytelling is our means to create more empathy, understanding and initiative for positive change in our local and global communities.
Sandglass Theater’s major new work, Babylon, the journeys of refugees, is a partnership between Sandglass and the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, an arm of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Sandglass works collaboratively and everyone involved in the project has a voice in the piece: the directors, designers and composers, ensemble of diverse young performers, as well as the collected testimonies from the people who shared their stories with us.
Sandglass has begun a tour of performances and workshops this year and with your support will bring this work throughout the country in the coming years.
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Sandglass Ensemble Speaks: Terrell J.Jones

Third of a series of comments by Sandglass performers and designers

“Sandglass Theater has been such a new and challenging experience in my life; in the best way possible. What I like about working with Sandglass is that there’s always encouragement to “raise the stakes”; there’s a constant unspoken desire to push myself and accept being pushed by others. It’s comforting knowing that in a room full of puppeteers, directors and tech hands everyone wants me to succeed and be the best version of myself on a daily basis and I love that atmosphere while working with Sandglass.”
Terrell J.Jones, Ensemble performer
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