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Voices of Community

Lenelle Moise, Nov 2-3

The Voices of Community series began for Sandglass in 2005 when the NEA first supported us to run a theater series that addressed issues of racial diversity in our predominantly white community. Over the last several years, this series has grown to include other aspects of diversity,

Autumn Portraits at Sandglass on Putney Craft Tour Weekend

Autumn Portraits Poster

Eric Bass in
Autumn Portraits
Saturday, November 30
7:30 pm

Eric Bass’ award winning solo performance, Autumn Portraits, will take center stage on November 30 at 7:30pm.  This special presentation of the beloved Sandglass classic takes place during the 35th anniversary of the Putney Craft Tour.

Bryan Bowers, November 8th at 8pm

Autoharp Virtuoso and Singer performing at Sandglass

From his rather unglamorous beginnings on street corners and passing the hat in bars, to coffeehouses, bluegrass/folk festivals, concert stages and the recording studio; Bryan Bowers is a major artist of the traditional/folk music circuit.