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Br’er Rabbit’ comes to Sandglass Theater

moonshineMagical Moonshine Theatre performs “Tales of Br’er Rabbit” at Sandglass Theater in Putney on March 23.

Sandglass Theater from Thought to Image: 20 Years in Vermont

Sandglass Theater: From Thought to Image

Back in 1986, Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass, Founders and Artistic Directors of Sandglass Theater Company, arrived in Southern Vermont from Germany. Ten years later they opened Sandglass Theater in a renovated barn in Putney.  The rest is history.

Sandglass gets major grant for work on D-Generation

Thanks to a major grant, Sandglass Theater has reworked its powerful, poignant play about dementia and is about to take it on the road

By JON POTTER / Reformer Staff

Thursday March 21, 2013


All Weather Ballads

All Weather Ballads - a puppet show by Sandglass Theater

Ice Shanty with puppeteers - Sandglass TheaterA love story that portrays the northern rural experience with dry humor, ironic poignancy, and elemental cursing. All Weather Ballads follows the lives of two Vermonters from childhood to old age.

Richard 3.5: Light Ruminations on Murder

Bob Berky and Eric Bass in Richard 3.5 at Sandglass Theater

It’s showtime again, and onstage, live from the 15th century, King Richard III is here to perform, for your enjoyment, 11 murders and 7 songs that Shakespeare never meant to write. Surrounded by larger-than-life candles, whose wax is used to create the puppet victims before your eyes,